Some of what LiVents can offer:

Event Management
If you’re wanting to plan events that draw a crowd, but don’t have the know-how or energy to do so, you need an experienced event planner.
Self Managed Registrations
If you want to do all the organising for the event yourself but don't have a registration system, we can still help, you can use our system.
LiVents offers corporate travel and accommodation management even if you're not using us to manage your event.

"We hired Lisa Willmott of LiVents to organise and run our first Edge of Leadership UnConference. It was great to have someone to handle all the nitty gritty of organising the venue, registrations, dietary needs, audio-visual needs for speakers and name tags. It took a load off my mind to have all this sorted for me so I could focus on delivering the event itself." - Zoë Routh